Final Preparations and Mallaig Departure

After a week spent in Mallaig taking on fuel, food and water we are all itching to get going. The crew has all arrived and we are just about to enjoy a final pint ashore before departing tomorrow morning with an estimated 20 days to cross to Nuuk. It is our hope to stay fairly self sufficient for food during our time in Greenland which has lead to a fairly hefty shopping bill… (7 trolleys)


250l Drinking water

200l Diesel

10kg Coffee

60l Wine

500m Climbing rope


James arrived in Mallaig Wednesday and we spent the following 48h hiding down below from torrential rain


70 tins of tomatoes, 120 eggs, 50 blocks of cheddar, 40 tins of tuna but only two blocks of jelly…


Hiding well over a tonne of food inside a 32ft boat with room for 3 people and enough climbing gear to fix ropes over Everest


New bow plate and 20kg Rocna fitted in Mallaig


Iridium Satalite phone up and running allowing us to receive weather updates from our shorebased contact Jamie


Our thank you card to the team at Mallaig Habour who have been beyond helpful with us getting ready for the trip


Big thanks to everyone who has helped us out getting ready for the trip, way to many names to name but thank you, it has been very much appreciated.



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